Range Rover tuning: A diesel engine with the sound of a V8?

Range Rover Tuning SoundXtra Startech

SoundXtra – V8 sound for diesel vehicles

for Range Rover and Range Rover Sport from MY 13 (V6 and V8)

Range Rover Tuning by STARTECH: The power and fuel economy of a diesel engine combined with the powerful sound of a V8-vehicle. Exactly that is what the STARTECH SoundXtra module features by transforming the cultivated Range Rover and Range Rover Sport V6 and V8 diesel engines from MY 13 into acoustic marvels. In dependency of the engine speed, the control unit generates an authentic and exciting V8 sound in real time. For the perfect illusion, the sound signal is transmitted to a speaker module at the rear vehicle floor. The STARTECH SoundXtra module is a must-have for all V8 enthusiasts.

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The SoundXtra is available now and fitting can be carried out in every qualified workshop.

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